Our story goes back in the early ’30s. At that time Pasquale Langella senior started his commercial business in the field of wheat and cereals within the Italian market whose fulcrum discussion section is still nowadays at Bologna Stock Exchange.
Products choice skilled and experienced worker, Pasquale motivated the company to grow so much so that he opened a pasta factory.
After Pasquale’s early death his son Giuseppe took over the reins of the company.
Giuseppe who had already acquired market knowledge got to the point of occupying a prominent position and he ensured constant business growth.
Most recently, in 1994, the company passed to Giuseppe and Pasquale junior after the latter had finished his studies in the Financial sector and got a degree in “International Economics” in Usa.
Finagrit soon became the household name.
With an international expansion, great competition and new opportunities determined by the inclusion of new economic/financial activities, Finagrit business kept on growing.
At this point the company needed someone dealing with internal management of legal aspects and international execution. So the lawyer of the family, Annamaria (Giuseppe’s daughter and Pasquale’s sister) joined the Finagrit.
Finagrit leitmotif is detailed awareness and product passion handed down from one generation to another, which together with the foresight, the specialization and the widening of the professional competences, allowed the company to be nowadays the worldwide leader in its field.