Our story goes back to 1930’s, when Pasquale Langella Senior begins his wheat and cereals business within the Italian market.
Thanks to his great experience and innate talent regarding the choice of products, Pasquale is able to give the right impulse for a quick expansion in the marketplace, that allows him to even open a pasta factory.
Later, Pasquale’s son, Giuseppe assumes the task of leader of the company. His experience and knowledge of the business allow him to strengthen a relevant position and a constant business growth.
In 1994, Finagrit was established with Giuseppe e Pasquale Jr, whom, thanks to his studies about Financials and his bachelor degree in “International Economics” in US, took the company to a higher level and to a continuous expansion.
Most recently, Anna Maria and Luana Langella become part of the company concerning legal aspects of management and international execution.
Finagrit leitmotif is detailed awareness and product passion handed down from one generation to another, which has allowed the company to be worldwide leader in its field.