Focusing on the highest quality is our main objective. Cereals we treat for human food and for animal feed.
with major manufacturing partners in USA, Canada and North-Europe, need to have the highest profile characteristics with a focus on the low impact or absence of mycotoxins, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides. We incessantly demand strategic sourcing of natural products and for this specialized field we are certified for the marketing of organic cereals.


Spring N.1: 16% prot dbm – 400 W – 15 min – stabilità e oltre

Cwrs: 16,50 % prot dbm – 400 W

Durum Wheat

US n.1 HAD: 15% prot – 80 Vitrei

Cwad n.1: 15% prot – 85 Vitrei min




Field Bean

Beetroot Pulp

Sunflower Seeds